Investing in Internet Real Estate

Top Notch Domains, LLC is a company that specializes in the investment in and monetization of descriptive domain names. The company also operates websites that deliver topical content to visitors and qualified buyers and leads to advertisers. Domain assets include,,,,, and hundreds more.

Descriptive domain names that are the exact match of the search term provide advertisers with targeted and valuable Internet traffic. They are easy for Internet users to remember, and they also have search engine benefits when properly developed. These people know what they want, and when they arrive on the exact match domain name, they are given the information they are seeking.

A descriptive domain name tells visitors exactly what to expect when they visit the website, is easy for someone to remember, sounds familar to visitors (even if they haven't visited the website before), and it can convey trust to prospective clients.

Choosing a domain name is an important decision every company needs to make before they launch a website. While some companies prefer to operate on a branded domain name like, Top Notch Domains, LLC exclusively invests in and develops descriptive domain names like